Kindergarten at St. Mary’s

The beginning of a child’s academic journey is one of the most exciting – and emotional – stages in a parent’s life. While we are eager to send our children out into the world to thrive academically, we also want them to be nurtured, fostered, and supported along the way. With the perfect balance of faith-based and academic instruction, the kindergarten at St. Mary’s aims to model what you as a parent teach and value at home.

As children enter kindergarten at a variety of levels, St. Mary’s incorporates a semi-structured setting that encourages both listening skills and cooperative play with a balance of active and quiet activities. In addition to “the three Rs,” children receive instruction from specialists in physical education, computer literacy, music, art, and foreign language. Our kindergartners also explore materials and interact with peers during teacher-guided centers. Our multi-educational approach instills enthusiasm, creativity, and sensitivity in every child, preparing them for success in elementary school.

In our ever-changing world, it is a blessing to be a part of this nurturing and embracing community. This has been a wonderful journey for us as a family. The discipline and spiritual enlightenment we have experienced cannot be measured. Go Saints!

Chioma Nwoga / Elementary School Parent

A Day in the Life

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