Middle School at St. Mary’s

Advancing to middle school is an exciting time for students. Greater independence, the opportunity to participate in more extracurricular activities, and the pursuit of personal interests are all rewards of reaching the middle school years. At the same time, more rigorous course work and peer relationships can be challenging at this age. Now more than ever, students need a positive learning environment centered in faith.

The junior high curriculum at St. Mary’s is designed to ignite students’ passions, guide them through these sensitive years, and prepare them to succeed in high school and beyond. Starting in the sixth grade, students begin to change classrooms every period throughout the day, follow their own schedule, take on more challenging course work, and develop a deeper understanding of God’s word. For students meeting the course requirements, local high schools recognize Spanish 1, German 1, Algebra or Algebra 1 honors, Geometry or Geometry honors, and English 1 or English honors for high school credit.

Aiming to ignite students’ passions and their unique gifts from God, a rotating selection of non-graded elective classes is also available to middle school students during 9th period. Our teachers select course topics they are passionate about which may include cooking, cake decorating, personal fitness, 3-dimensional art, robotics, book club, sustainable gardening, interior design, Eurogames and more.

St. Mary’s is truly a blessing. I am so grateful that Jacky is able to go to a school where she can continue to learn and grow her Catholic faith. St. Mary’s also encourages students to do the best they can academically. As a former alumna, class of 2010, I still use some of the tools St. Mary’s provided me with. I have many wonderful memories of this school and I pray we continue to make new ones.
Mayra Borja

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